Your local refill shop.

Your local refill shop.Your local refill shop.Your local refill shop.

About Us


Dust Off your Mason Jars

 Refillable dried goods, affordable and where possible organic:
Nuts,Seeds,Pulses,Dried Fruit,Herbs,Spices,Grains,Beans, Salt and Pepper.

Household goods, Refillable Toiletries, Plastic Alternatives, Safety Razors.

Milks in glass bottles (bring them back to have them refilled)

Locally sourced products. (Do you have an amazing plastic free product that you think would be perfect in the shop?) 


Looking back to protect the future.

Weigh To Go began with frustration at the difficulty of living a plastic free sustainable life style in Leith,  and so began our journey to opening a shop on Leith Walk that aims to provide a more convenient solution to sustainable living. The idea of refilling containers with loose produce is far from new and before the 1960s it was the only way. We want to look back to a time before single use plastics and use those methods to protect the planet for the future. 


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